“Wow, a human voice singing songs of substance. Not to knock anybody else but, this kind of presentation is missed by the mature music lover and should be a study by the younger generation. Hats off to production, musicianship, arrangement, vocals and don’t miss the lyrics, it’s a breath of fresh air. You go Rhonda!” –Isaac Hayes

“Breathe New Life, a jazzy soul album that included a handful of very attractive cuts and which achieved notice both in America and Europe. It peaked at #3 on Listmania’s Top Nu-Soul on the Net chart. It also received notice from syndicated radio host Michael Baisden, who featured Thomas on his show, introducing her to a larger urban music audience. With a strong industry reputation and a growing visibility with Soul Music audiences around the US and Europe, Rhonda Thomas appears poised to further increase her mark in as a young star to watch.”
–Chris Rizik (Soul Tracks)

“This is exactly the type of quality black music I want to hear….if the very first song does not grab you immediately then there is something seriously wrong with your hearing, folks! Oh, it is listening to superb albums such as this that my faith in music is kept alive.” –Barry Towler (Soul Express) UK

“Breathe New Life is a light compilation with some funky arrangements of uplifting music that at times seems as though it wants to cross the line of rhythm and blues over into contemporary gospel…soul-jazz, a derivative of her influences and musical upbringing.” –Atlanta Goodlife

“A very fine album mixing a variety of styles. It is jazzy, funky, up and down tempo, and even a little bit of house? But certainly for me it’s the vocal quality
that makes the album a real winner.” –Mike Ashley (Life and Soul Promotions) UK

“Breathe New Life is right on the contemporary money. It pairs bright and optimistic cuts with some gorgeous introspective ballads – unified by their thoughtful and mature lyrical profiles and Rhonda’s big, expressive, church-reared voice.” –Soulchoonz

“Exciting, a voice that speaks to the heart. Music that surrounds you and grooves you. Lyrics that take you there, provokes thought, entertainment and love. This is Rhonda Thomas at her very best we lover her and I’m sure you will too.”
–Ken Batie (Radio Personality WCLK 91.9 FM)

“This CD is without a question, a must have. It’s one of those collector’s items that can be enjoyed in the company of a group of people at a party, just for two cuddled up at the fireplace, or as company for a long bus or train ride home. No matter what the occasion, there is always an opportunity to enjoy, Breathe New Life.” –Nghosi Books


“Rare is the vocalist who can navigate the jazz-blues axis with the burnished grace of Rhonda Thomas, combining the authority of Aretha Franklin, the uncensored lubricity Dinah Washington and the springy sass of Carla Thomas.”
–Christopher Loudon (JazzTimes)

“Though Rhonda Thomas’ voice carries traces of Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone, or Abbey Lincoln, there is a decidedly unique quality to everything she sings, a rarity among today’s popular/jazz vocalists.” –Jazz Canadiana

“Rhonda’s absolute pitch, great time and improvisational song styling blended perfectly with Michael Coppola’s unique, full and exciting solo guitar work. Although, often described as a combination of Joe Pass/Ella Fitzgerald duo and Tuck and Patty, they have surely created a sound all their own.” –Jazz Network

“Guess Who I Saw Today! Consists of a series of duets between guitarist Michael Coppola and vocalist Rhonda Thomas on 11 standards, most of which could fairly be described as warhorses. It is a testament to the unique talents of these two performers that they could create as compelling a CD as this with such familiar material.” – Ted Kane (Jazz Review)


(365 Beaches: Antigua/Barbuda Travel and Tourism Jingle)
“Beginning at midnight, the ‘After Party’ (Mayor’s Masked Ball: Atlanta) sponsored by Antigua and Barbuda will feature Rhonda Thomas, a burgeoning soloist and Antiguan descendant, who is currently heating up the soul music market with her new CD ‘Breathe New Life.’ Thomas will perform a jingle ‘365 Beaches’ that she composed to celebrate the launch of the new direct service to Antigua and Barbuda. She will be accompanied by authentic Antiguan steel pan musician, Vere Henry.” –Government of Antigua and Barbuda


“Friday night at Sunset Station, in front of only 427 people, the master of Memphis funk and soul proved he can still shake rafters and challenge speakers with his deeper-than-deep voice….a revved-up, fired-up “Do Your Thing” with stellar vocals by singer Rhonda Thomas.” –Jim Beal (Night Lights Now: San Antonio)

Farmhouse Rhythm and Blues By the Brook June 2008 (front page from Isaac’s show) Google it!